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words become knitting 

Interpretations is the way we play with our knitting and our minds. We take a word and we use it as a launchpad to design 2 different patterns, one by each of us.

Welcome to our new interpretations!

With each volume we grow and learn, and most importantly realize that nothing stays the same. This year brings Interpretations another big change. We’ve decided to start publishing our collections as smaller and more frequent issues. This is the first one of this new series: Spring/Summer 2022.

The world after a few years of turmoil coming from all directions is simply highlighting the fact that collaboration and joy is something we all need more of. Bringing people together from all around the world is something we feel hugely important and interpretations gives us the chance to do so with each issue: the contrast of our backgrounds coming together in different parts of the world with each collection.


As always, we chose 2 words/themes that each of us translated into designs: Gentle and Intention. These grounding principles are something so unique to Interpretations! Finding new words to interpret gives us the opportunity to look into them deeper, not only to think about them but also bring them to life with knitting.

So get ready for more and more designs and words, because we’re getting closer and closer to you.

Thank you for being part of this journey. We hope you enjoy knitting with us!

Joji & Veera


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about us

​​Veera Välimäki is the woman behind the hand knitting designs of Rain Knitwear Designs. Her designs focus on simple and clean lines with small modern details.  She is passionate about wool and loves all kinds of short rows.


Joji Locatelli enjoys living her life in sunny Buenos Aires, while dreaming of visiting the rest of the world armed with knitting needles and yarn.  She also thinks life is much sweeter when served with coffee and chocolate...

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