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knit your perfect sweater

A hands-on and in-person workshop with both of us, Joji & Veera, in the same classroom.

We developed this workshop to be taught as a multi-day class at retreats of longer events, but we also teach an abbreviated 3-4h version at shorter shows.


We know how hard it is to make a sweater that truly fits you: It has to have the right fit, the right style, the right amount of ease, length and the perfect details tat make you want to wear that piece every single day.

Knowing how to manage and modify all these factors will be a great help on your way to building your perfect sweater wardrobe, and we are here to get you started on this journey.

During this workshop we'll talk about styles and body shapes, we'll learn how to take our measurements correctly and how to pick a size from any sweater pattern to fit you best.

We'll also get hands on: We will be working on our exclusive Basic Raglan Sweater Pattern, with options for pullover, cardigan with different necklines and fit.

We'll discuss possible modifications, how to find the achieve a fit and how to customize your garment to give them a unique look.

The goal is that you go home with all the tools and confidence you need for successful sweater making, whether it's using this basic pattern or any other pattern you choose.



  • Exclusive Basic Raglan Sweater Pattern, designed for fingering weight, with options for pullover or cardigan versions with different necklines. Available in 10 sizes.

  • Swatching properly

  • Taking proper body measurements.

  • Sizing, fit and styling for different body shapes.

  • Understanding key points in sweater making and patterns.

  • How to add your own character to your garments.

  • Finishing tips and tricks.


skills required

Beginner knitters with experience knitting and purling, preferably having completed 1 or 2 smaller projects.


Teaching together is the perfect excuse to meet since we live 13,000 km away from each other.

We currently have no events scheduled together, but are hopeful that we'll plan one soon!

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