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Interpretations Vol. 8 is here! This year brings you the charming 8th collaboration between Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki. This collection includes six themes, six words with two designs inspired by each word, showing a personal take on each of these themes.


In 2021 we continued to work together virtually. We found this to be a great opportunity to show you a bit of our home countries. We did the photoshoots separately in our respective major cities: Helsinki and Buenos Aires. Joji's pictures are taken by Claudia Salazar, Veera's Jonna Jolkin.


You can purchase our collections as printed books from Pom Pom Press too:




Themes and patterns included in the book:


Lady Bird Wrap

Thistle Cardigan


Mimi Cardigan

Happy Place Vest

Under the Tree Socks

Poppy Sweater


Virginia Top

Baroque Shawl


The Lounger

Owl Cowl


The Dilemma Shawl

Glimmering Shawl

Interpretations Vol.8 e-book

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