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This listing is for the e-book version only of Interpretations Vol. 5

You will receive an email with a download link to a pdf file. Please know these e-book cannot be integrated with your Ravelry library, but you can purchase it here to have that feature available.


Initially published in 2018, this book features 12 knitting patterns by Joji and Veera, and it was a special anniversary edition.

For this book we collaborated with 12 dyers from around the world who created 12 special yarns used in our designs.

It was photoshot in El Chaltén, Argentina by Rafael Delceggio.

The Patterns and Themes included are:


Quiet Stars Cardigan (Joji)

Joy Cardigan (Veera)


Separate Ways Pullover (Joji)

Indigo Pullover (Veera)


Tree Seeker (Joji)

Rose Quartz (Veera)


Dynamic Trio (Joji)

Anemone (Veera)


Glacier Tunic (Joji)

Chasing Light Shawl (Veera)


Rugged Coat (Joji)

Reflection Shawl (Veera)



Interpretations Vol. 5 e-book

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