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Intepretations is a series of knitting patterns written by colleagues and best friends from across the world Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki.


Our patterns are also available as individual items:

Path Shawl

Catch my Heart Cardigan

Zeeweg Wrap

Good Good Sweater


The Spring / Summer '22 edition of Intepretations carries 2 words in the core: gentle and intention. These two words have been resonating with us a lot lately... We're slowly overcoming what the past 3 years had in store for us and it's taking a lot of self-kindness and determination.


For the word Gentle, Veera designed the Path Shawl, a gorgeous crescent adorned with bobbles and ribbing. Joji designed the Catch my Heart Cardigan, romantic and full of tailoring details.


For the word Gentle, Joji designed the Zeeweg (the way to the sea) Wrap, with an unusual shape and designed for a fade kit. Veera designed the Good Good Sweater, which is all the name stands for: your dreamiest and favorite garment.


Interpretations Vol. 9

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