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spring / summer 2022


gentle + intention

Each collection contains knitting patterns by both Joji & Veera, along with our thoughts and musings about each word.

We have decided to make interpretations a more dynamic project, so each new issue will now have 2 words and 4 designs, and we are aiming to release them more often*.

This issue features the words gentle and intention, two concepts so deeply rooted into us, lately. 

We've reunited for the first time in three years and we've taken our photograph together, once again. This time in Bergen, Netherlands, where Joji's sister lives.

Interpretations SS22 features 4 patterns: Path Shawl, Catch my Heart Cardigan, Zeeweg Wrap and Good Good Sweater.

*Available in digital format only through Ravelry and


Slowly and quietly, stitch by stitch, my knitting grows and my breathing calms down. I am alone, yet part of everything.

Catch my Heart Cardigan
Zeeweg Wrap

I am light, and my feet barely touch the ground. I have these wings, they were meant to fly. I cannot stay still, I have to keep moving, I have to keep changing, evolving, giving birth. 

Good Good Sweater

We are Joji and Veera, best friends and knitwear designers from Argentina and Finland.

You can find our work on and you can find us knitting in social media as @jojilocat and @veerarain

Thank you for supporting our work!

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